Teaching quality
I have a positive assessment of five stretches of teaching merits (quinquenios, R.D. 1086/89, de 28 de agosto)
  • 1rs period 03/11/1989 – 04/04/1995 (TEU);
  • 2nd period 25/04/1995 – 24/04/2000 (level 27, TU);
  • 3rd period 25/04/2000 – 24/04/2005 (level 27, TU);
  • 4th period 25/04/2005 – 24/04/2010 (level 27, TU).
  • 5th period 25/04/2010 – 24/04/2015 (level 27, CU).
  • 6th: periodo 25/04/2015 – 24/04/2020 (level 29, CU).


Surveys conducted by students give me consistently positive reviews, with an average of 7.45 on 44 surveys processed. If the polls of the last 9 years are taken into account, I have obtained an average of 7.99 note.

The quality of the obtained teaching activity has been reflected not only by the polls, but also by the obtained express congratulations. I have received 3 express congratulations and congratulations by the Rector of the Polytechnic University of Valencia by the magnificent rating (sic) I have obtained in opinion polls about teaching during the course of 2006/07, 2007/08 course, and the course 2009/10. In addition, in 2005 I received a personal greeting because throughout the 3 previous courses had valuations in the subjects that exceed the average rating 7.


I’ve also received express congratulations from the centers where I taught class, as shown in the charts of the directors of the telecommunications engineer ETS, engineering Tec EUT. Industrial or from the school of computer science.


Likewise, I have also always received a favorable assessment of the teaching of the program of supplementary aid for education, programme of the UPV.


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